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About us

Our Story

At Goodness Growing York, our ethos is to grow using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods. We are very aware of the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. 

We do not spray our crops with chemicals to help them grow: instead develop fertile soil by growing green manures when the land is not being used for production. Green manures such as clover really help put nitrogen back into the soil and help develop a good growing structure.  Of course now we have the Alpaca's - their manure will also help with this too!

We rotate the crops to avoid disease and plant flowers amongst our vegetable crops to encourage ladybirds, hoverflies, bees and beetles to feast on the pests that like to eat our crops. By using natural pest control methods, we can avoid using chemicals or pesticides. It’s a mini beast paradise!

Meet The Team

Caroline Barugh, founder of Goodness Growing


Caroline is the owner and manager of Goodness Farm, looking after the produce, as well as sister business Sheriff Alpacas.

Rachel, one of Goodness Growings team


Rachel grows organic seasonal flowers at Goodness Farm, as well as helping out with our veg.

Jonny, one of the Goodness Growing team


Green fingered Jonny helps plant, pick and pack our fresh organic veg, always with a smile on his face.

Ric, one of Goodness Growing's gardeners


Rik makes sure our tasty veg bags make it safely from the farm to your door, delivering across York every week.


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