Latest Newsletter! - August 2016


Goodness News Sring 2014


Apart from heavy rain this winter, the weather has been kind to us and the vegetable production has done well!  We hope you have been enjoying it!  Any feedback is much appreciated so please send us an email or join us on Facebook to let us know how we are doing! We are very accommodating so please tell us anything you prefer not to get and we will do our best!


March is a busy month!  We have already planted crops in the polly tunnel such as spinach, chard, fennel, pak choi, salad, greens, herbs and stir fry leaves.  Hopefully you will see some of these items in your bag by the end of March!  Lots of crops are shooting up outside too such as chives, garlic, broad beans! It is a tricky time of year for seasonal produce so you may find one or two European vegetables in your bags until our spring crops are ready.


Rachel [Ducks and Daffodils] had a great first year growing her flowers and is already busy harvesting daffodils!  It won’t be long until we will be selling flowers again in the bags- check her out on Facebook.


What's new ...

Fruit Bag

Choose a mixed fruit bag £5/£7/£10 or If you enjoy specific items of fruit we can put some in your bag…see price per kg below:


- Oranges £2kg 

- Apples £2.80kg 

- Pears £3kg 

- Bananas £2kg

- Our rhubarb! £1.80kg





Organic flour, pizza mix and porridge available from J Stringer and Sons, Malton

If you are interested in local organic flour or porridge please send me an email with your order! Choose from list below:


- Strong white, brown, plain or wholemeal  flour 1.5kg   £2.20

- Porridge oats 1kg £2.20     

- Bread mix 500g £1.40                   

- Pizza base mix 400g £1.75




We are very excited to welcome Polly and Tim to the farm who will be bringing along some bees and hives to produce honey on the farm!  I will let you know when we have some available later in the year!


We are also awaiting the arrival of 3 alpacas in April! The fleece is superb, soft and warm with hypoallergenic features.  We are hoping to make garments such as socks/scarves to sell!  We will keep you posted!



Packing shed

We have been busy over winter building a new packing shed! Dave, Steve and I have much more room to pack the bags as well as keeping warm and dry!



Latest Newsletter! - August 2016